Claas Xerion 3800 Trac VC ohne IC Steuerung v1.1

Claas Xerion 3800 Trac VC ohne IC Steuerung v1.1

Claas Xerion 3300 and 3800 TracVC without IC control

no new texture! 🙁 (my mistake)
– All-wheel steering revised (wheel effects)
– Tire position edited
– tire effect
– Holes in the fender behind
– On-board computer darker
– fixed some small bugs

– Now with a new front / rear axle
– Front fender new
– Tire pressure system available for purchase (Script Wopster)
– Tire pressure system installed optically (simple)
– Xenon light can be bought
– SimpleIC control installed inside / outside. (Script model-safe)

First a THANKS a MrFox / AndyW !!!
MrFox has given me clearance to hear the Claas Xerion.
THANKS for the scripts by Ifko and Manuel Leithner and all other parts donors.
The quality is of course not 100% LS19, but I did my best in my good lay.
Quickly does all LS19 basic functions.
All-wheel steering, SemiAttacher (for gooseneck), hydraulic connections, rear weight (up to 5t)
Computer (temperature, temperature, etc.), tone sequences, illuminated keys, number plates and the additional tubes (for drilling) etc.
Attention Claas Xerin 3800 with IC control !!!!
Anyone playing with UniversalPassenger Script does not need to make any entries. The Xerion is rightly heard!

Color choice for:
Basic color, grille, rim color (also chain rim) and driver’s seat (leather and fabric)

Tire choice:
Trelleborg (5 times), Michelin (3 times), Nokia (Komunal), Mita (2 times) and chain drive.

Rear weight:
in 1 t, 1.8 t, 2.6 t, 3.4 t, 4.2 t and 5 t (no decoration)
Engine selection 3300/3800 with 356/380 hp
Armlene with / without cell phone
Computer startup screen in 3 variations.
A V2 will probably also come with some heard
Have fun with the mod
Ewok / Yeti_222

Ewok/ Yeti_222​
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