Fastrac 8330 by PanikersHD v1.0.1.5

Fastrac 8330 by PanikersHD v1.0.1.5

Bug patch
– Steering angle adapted for every type of tire
– Fixed right reversing light
– Fixed sound bug.
– Color palette expanded to include matt colors
– Tire pressure system functionally installed (optics follows)
– IC and tire pressure configurable.

Error patch
– Bug of the turnlight in the Mirror Fixed
– Error Micheline Terra Fixed
– Bug Nokian Terra Fixed
– Error exhaust grille fixed
– Pink needles in the speedometer Fixed

– Goodyaer tire bug fixed
– Fixed other minor bugs

new conclusions
– Stoll Fontlader (fade in / fade out)
– underbody lighting (fade-in / fade-out)
– red
– Blue
– Green
– IC installed
– Sunblind
– Wiper front
– Wiper rear
– 2 new rims
– Bat
– Style
– Race
– indicator (fade in / fade out)
– Exhaust grille (with color change)

JCB lettering on the grid (fade in / out)
– flashing lights (fade-in / fade-out)
– orange
– Blue
– yellow (black glass)
– Flash clear glass
– Flash orange glass
– Cooler figures (fade in / fade out)
– Girl
– Girl23
– Horse
– pig
– Falcon
– Speed ??camera on roof and grill front (fade in / fade out)
– JCB logo steering wheel
– Illuminated
– Turn indicator interior
– With function
– Trelleborg Bereifun
– Normal with weights
– Wide with weights
– Dual front tires + rear
– Dual tires rear
– reversing light
– Chains Installed
– Illuminated JCB steering wheel logo
– LED turn signal mirror
– LED look front
– LED turn signal rear
– LED strip front light
– Color change
– main color
– barbecue
– Exhaust grille
– Rims
– Many standard and chrome colors
– 3 engine stages

Modell: Fastrac 8330
Textur: PaikersHD
Script: PaikersHD, LS Modelle
Idee / Konzept: PanikersHD
Tester: Patrick Neumann,Michael Sickel, Fabsi
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