FS 19 1968 Dodge Dart v1.0

FS 19 1968 Dodge Dart v1.0

1968 Dodge Dart- Shiny and Matte Colors. I’ve been hanging on to this one for way to long so I figured why not get it off my hands.
Got this model from G-Mod (Thanks to Artist Jack for the guidance). Model is really good in my opinion, has interior, and a couple options.

Hoods- 3 options
Color- Body, Rims, Wing
Design Color- Rollbar
Engine- Stock (average), Race Tune (FAST), SEND IT (Look out)
J & N Makes the car “SeeSaw”

Artist Jack- Help getting model (G-Mod)
Derek (Expendables Modding)- Wheels
Frank- some awesome testing, as well as CountryBoy on discord, and Rush Lionheart also on discord
Sounds- G-Mod
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