FS 19 Bernie’s Hinterkaifeck v3.0.3

FS 19 Bernie’s Hinterkaifeck v3.0.3

Version 3.03
Fix for missing farms
ModMap.LUA if you can swap them yourself, otherwise please reload, please….
My mistake, I zipped the wrong Lua.

Bernie’s Hinterkaifeck V3 with 63 HeightTypes and 32 TerrainAngle, MaizePlus, MaizePlus CCM Extension and Seasons tested (no pants yet)
Courtesy of Bernie, here the customized version of the map on 63 HeightTypes and 32 TerrainAngle.
The map with MaizePlus, MaizePlus CCm Extension and Seasons runs simultaneously and errors free.
– a new savegame is recommended, but terrain changes and conversions can be saved –
I will then be so free when we publish the Forage Extension to adapt this map here.

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