LS19: Graphics, New Brands, Animals, Maps and more from AGRICULTURAL SIMULATOR 19! (DE VIDEO)

LS19: Graphics, New Brands, Animals, Maps and more from AGRICULTURAL SIMULATOR 19! (DE VIDEO)

First information on the Farming Simulator 19 or LS 19. The Farming Simulator 2019 comes with new graphics, horses, new brands and more! All information compact in this video (ONLY DE).

As in the Farming Simulator 17, GIANTS relies on a so-called CGI trailer again – and thus risks disappointing buyers, because what is shown here in the trailer and on the screenshots does not represent the true final graphics of the LS19 , And that, although GIANTS has dedicated himself to the revision of the graphics of the game at the LS19. That was also urgently needed, because for years not so much is happening in this area. Now, to the LS19, the graphics engine according to the developer but has been completely revised. In concrete terms, the LS 19 will have a depth of field, HDR rendering, ambient occlusion, and bloom effects, and the sun should no longer be a static light source and thus dynamically cast light and shadow.

Also new in the LS19:
Farmers, who place special value on the sky, also get their money, because the clouds have been processed, are now 3D objects and thus influence the light from the sun in the fields. Now draws on a storm, can be determined by the clouds before.

However, it should not remain with the graphic innovations – also in terms of content should be put on a Schippe: So have players in the LS19, for example, directly to the release of the choice between three cards! One of them should be the already well-known South American map Estancia Lapacho from the Platinum Add-On for the LS17, which will be graphically revised for the LS19. The second map, one can guess from the trailer, will probably be a North American map – but in which region the third map will play is not yet known. Feel free to write in the comments which region you would expect for the third card.

What was also announced in addition to graphics revision and map selection, is the extension of livestock selection in the LS19. In the LS17 came to the cows, sheep and chickens so the pigs, in the LS19 horses should be added as new livestock. How exactly the system works in the horses, but so far also not known.

Moreover, GIANTS remains true to tradition and, as with any part of the Farming Simulator, is expanding its fleet with new machinery and, above all, new brands and mechanics. According to an article on page 4Players, GIANTS wants to offer the LS19 “the largest vehicle fleet so far”. In addition, there are new crops, which have also not yet been named, the helper and the mission system will be revised and there will be a new tutorial. And last but not least, you will be able to customize your character in the LS19 with the help of an appropriate editor.

Details on whether the multiplayer mode has been revised, there is not yet. It is only known that you can also work in the LS19 with up to 16 players in multiplayer.

The motto of the new Farming Simulator: Farm like never before – the LS19 is due to be released by the end of 2018 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 – the game has not yet had a precise release date.

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